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Leduc County Bylaw 55-88


WHEREAS the primary method of disposal of combustible debris within the Nisku Industrial Park is by burning:

AND WHEREAS the Council of the County of Leduc No. 25 is desirous to provide a means to safely control such practices;

NOW THEREFORE the County Council of the County of Leduc No. 25, duly assembled, enacts as follows:

(1) In the By-Law,

“burnable debris” means any inflammable debris or waste material other than prohibited debris and includes:

(a) grass and weeds, straw and stubble, leaves and tree prunings,

(b) brush and fallen trees and solid waste from tree harvesting operations,

(c) used wooden power, telegraph and telephone poles, and pallets,

(d) wooden materials from the construction or demolition of buildings,

(e) solid waste from post and hole operations,

(f) solid waste from sawmills and planing mills with an annual production of less than 4 Million FBM.

“Fire Chief” means the Fire Chief of Nisku Fire Department of his designated representative.

“Park” means the Nisku Industrial Park, as defined in Appendix “a” of this By-Law.

“Permit” means a fire permit issued pursuant to this By-Law.

“Prohibited Debris” Means any inflammable debris or waste material than when burned may result in the release to the atmosphere of dense smoke, offensive odours or toxic contaminants and includes but is not limited to:

(a) animal cadavers and animal manure,

(b) pathological  waste,

(c) Material that will result in the production of dense black smoke including insulation from electrical wiring or equipment, asphalt roofing materials, hydrocarbons, plastics, and rubber materials or creosote wood.

(d) Herbicides, pesticides or any other toxic material or substances,

(e) Solid waste from sawmills or planing mills with annual production in excess of 4 Million FBM

(2) This By-Law applies to all properties within the Park.


(a) The Fire Chief may issue to an applicant a Permit in respect of any site within the Park

(b) A Permit issued under this bylaw shall be in Form ”b” of the Appendix.

(4) No person shall light an outdoor fire unless a Permit has been issued and is in force for the site the fire is located.

(5) Prior to issuance of a Permit the Fire Chief will inspect the site proposed for burning to ensure it meets the requirement of this bylaw.

(6) Burning of burnable debris shall be carried out either:

(a) in a burning pit at least one meter deep with a maximum width of five (5) meters, and maintained with a clear mineral soil surface extending a least fifteen (15) meters to any building, structure or other combustible materials, gases or liquids, or

(b) In a fully enclosed barrel or incinerator constructed of a non-combustible material, and the draft and smoke vent thereof covered with a heavy gauge metal screen of a mesh size not greater than thirteen (13) millimeters and maintained with a clear mineral soil surface extending at least eight (8) meters to any building, structure of other combustible materials, gases or liquids.

(c) No burning pit or incinerator shall be located within thirty (30) meters from a stand of trees or shrubs.

(7) No person shall:

(a) continue to light an outdoor fire when weather conditions cause smoke to adversely affect any road, rail or air transport system,

(b) deposit, discard or leave any burning matter or substance in a place where in might ignite other matter and result in a fire,

(c) fail to take reasonable steps to control a fire for the purpose of preventing it from spreading onto land other than his own,

(d) Light an outdoor fire when weather conditions are conducive to a fire readily escaping out of control.

(8) Outdoor fires may only be lit between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday inclusive when the premises upon where the fire is located are occupied, and must be extinguished if everyone leaves the premises.  No fires may be left unattended.

(9) It is the responsibility of the person in charge of the burning operation, and the owner, occupant or lessee or permittee to ensure that sufficient firefighting equipment and manpower is present during the burning period to keep the fire under control at all times.

(10) No burning is permitted in dumpster containers.

(11) The Fire Chief may, without a warrant, enter on any land and premises, except a private dwelling house, for the purpose of periodic inspections of Permit sites and discharging his duties under this By-Law.

(12) A person who contravenes this By-Law or who refuses or neglects to comply with any condition in a Permit or with any order or request directed to him pursuant to this By-Law is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of:

(a) $50.00 for a first offence,

(b) $100.00 for a second offence, and

(c) $300.00 for a third and any subsequent offences.

And in default of payment to imprisonment for a term of not more than ninety (90) days or to both fine and imprisonment.

(13) This By-Law shall take effect on the 1st day of January, A.D., 1989

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Telephone: (587) 805-0262

Open burning is permitted when the winds are below 20 km/h.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a fire permit?

Individuals who wish to burn an open fire in the Nisku Business Park must receive a free online fire permit.

How can I receive an online fire permit?

Individuals must register for an online account and complete an application to receive an online fire permit. If you are having difficulties, please call Leduc County Fire Services at 780-955-7099 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday to Friday for assistance.

Who can apply for an online fire permit?

Only individuals who represent businesses in the Nisku Business Park can apply for an online fire permit.

How long is the fire permit valid for?

Online fire permits are valid for up to one year, expiring on Dec. 31 annually. Applicants must re-apply once per year.

What can I burn?

A fire permit allows holders to burn paper products, yard waste (weeds, leaves, tree prunings, brush, fallen trees, etc.) and wood or wood products that do not contain preservatives (untreated pallets, wood crating, etc.).

What can't I burn?

Individuals are not allowed to burn wood or wood products that contain preservatives (painted, stained or creosote wood), rubber, oil, chemical containers, waste material from construction sites, animal manure or pathological waste.

How big can my burn container be?

Burn containers must be no more than three metres in diameter and must be between one and three metres in height.

What does my burn container have to be made out of?

Burn containers must be made of non-combustible material and be covered with a mesh screen made of heavy-gauge metal with openings no larger than 1.3 centimetres.

I received my online fire permit. Now what?

Permit holders must abide by the terms and conditions noted on the permit. Conditions include monitoring weather conditions, calling prior to each burn to ensure no fire restrictions or bans are in effect and ensuring burning is controlled at all times.